Cat Cay Yacht Club
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Cat Cay Yacht Club

Basking under a bright tropical sun on the western edge of the Great Bahama Bank lies a tiny t-shaped dot of gleaming sand and coral that brings to a glittering reality the dream of a private island paradise.

This Land is Cat Cay and it surpasses all others
Social Life
Our Island Community

A community of like-minded people from all over the world seek the simple pleasures of island life.

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Cool Off & Relax
Beach & Pool

Fine white-sand beaches line almost the entire western side of Cat Cay.

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The Marina at Cat Cay

The marina at Cat Cay is one of the most protected and well-equipped in the Bahamas.

Protected & Well-Equipped
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A Self-Sustainable Island

The best features of private island life with the infrastructure of a major resort.