A Self-Sustainable Island

Cat Cay leads The Bahamas in sustainability practices. Several state-of-the-art infrastructure systems include:

  • The largest solar array in the country capable of 1.2 MW (Megawatts) of power generation.
  • A 3.3 MW BESS (Battery Electric Storage System) that is fully integrated into a 3.5 MW diesel power plant.
  • Reverse Osmosis water makers and storage systems utilizing innovative floating spheres to protect the water from sunlight and pollutants.
  • A wastewater treatment plant (Coagulation, Flocculation, Sedimentation) that treats all of the Club's buildings and staff lodging buildings for the purpose of creating sustainable water irrigation practices.
  • Highly efficient metal recycling program utilizing a Sierra 5000 metal bailer for shipping all waste metals to the US for recycling.
  • The Bahamas only two stage Pennram 1100 incinerator used for clean burning of household and yard waste.
  • Extensive use of daylight in public places and LED lights used in Club buildings and most homes on the island.
  • Members and staff use of 100% electric golf carts with no personal automobiles used on the island.