Do I have to be a member to visit Cat Cay?
Yes. Cat Cay is a private island. We welcome members, and their sponsored guests.

Can you clear customs and immigration on Cat Cay?
Customs and immigration are available seven days a week.

Do I need a passport to travel to Cat Cay?
Yes a passport is required.

Do you have dining facilities for visitors?
Our Nauticat restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner in the marina area as well as our seasonal Bu’s Bar for drinks.

Can I go to the beach as non member?
All beach areas are private for members and sponsored guests only.

Are golf carts available for rental?
Only for members and sponsored guests.

Can I tour the island?
With advance notice, we are happy to show you our private island paradise and provide you with membership information.

Is there wifi available on the island?
In the marina area you can access wifi by setting up an account with Skycasters.

As a visitor can I play tennis or golf?
Our island amenities are for exclusive use by members and sponsored guests only.

Are there accommodations available for rent?
Island rentals are available to members and sponsored guests only.

Do you have medical facilities on the island?
We have medical clinic staffed by a doctor at all times.

Do you have island security?
We have both a Bahamian police station and our private Cat Cay security force on the island.

Can a helicopter land on Cat Cay?
There is a helipad at the airport.

What is the length of the runway?
The runway is 1990 feet and the locator code is MYCC.

How far is Cat Cay from Florida?
We are located 50 miles from Fort Lauderdale.

Where is Cat Cay located in the Bahamas?
We are 8 miles south of Bimini and 105 miles west of Nassau.

Are there commercial flights to Cat Cay?
Yes there are several charter companies from South Florida as well as scheduled air from Fort Lauderdale.

Can a private pilot clear customs and immigration on Cat Cay?
Yes and we invite you to visit our marina restaurant for lunch.

Are pets allowed on Cat Cay?
Yes with appropriate documentation which can be found on the Bahamian Ministry of Tourism website.

How do I make dock reservations?
For dock reservations, please call the Cat Cay office phone in the Bahamas at (242) 347-3565 or email frontoffice@catcayyachtclub.com or afoster@catcayyachtclub.com.

Can I provision on Cat Cay?
We have a brand new international market open seven days a week from 7:30 am until 7:00 pm.
The market is fully stocked with all the staples as well as gourmet groceries, wine, liquor, beer, coffee, sandwiches, fishing supplies and sundries.

Is there shopping on the island?
We encourage you to visit our island boutique for a variety of logo items and gifts.