Cat Cay Yacht Club

Mobile The Homes

Homes on Cat Cay have their own personalities and many have names such as "Hi- Tide", "Mer Soleil", "Bahamian House", "Blue Fin Cottage" and "Turtle Nest" just to name a few. The small size of the island limits the number of homes that can be built on existing lots, helping to maintain the friendly, small-town quality of the neighborhood. Most homes have their own stretch of beach, and members have few limitations on the type of homes they can build or remodel, although the "British West Indies Style" architectural style is most common.

Members who wish to bring visitors to the island, but don't have the space to house them, have access to a number of specially built rental properties, from 1 bedroom cottages up to 5 bedroom homes with a pool. These bungalows, located throughout the island, are the size of small homes with bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens for guests. In addition, members often rent their homes as they wish, and many have guest houses.