The Membership

Cat Cay Brochure Our Members are the lifeblood of Cat Cay Island. Their testaments are a reflection of the many diverse reasons our Private Island paradise remains a special place...

"Safety is the primary concern when it comes to my family and friends. On Cat Cay I never have to worry about a thing. All the members form a close-knit community and the security staff is both skilled and highly professional."
Jorge Gomez

"I live for the rugged test of strength and endurance that occurs when I have hooked a large game fish and I make Cat Cay my home base for all my offshore excursions. It is 50 miles from my home in Miami and I spend a couple of weekends a month living on my vessel at the marina. The amenities and lifestyle are fabulous."
Tom Cabrerizo

"For us, Cat Cay combines the best features of private island life with the infrastructure of a major resort. We enjoy spending the day relaxing on the water — kayaking and sailing, or paddle boarding around the cove. In the evening we dine in the island’s gourmet restaurant. We treasure the ultimate luxury of having a private island paradise to share with family and friends."
Jeff & Charlotte Hicks