Events & Activities

The heart of Cat Cay is the camaraderie shared amongst members and guests. Throughout the year on holiday weekends Cat Cay is alive with activities for the young and young at heart. Sporting events include fishing tournaments, golf scrambles, tennis round robins, and the much anticipated yearly member Olympics.

Our social calendar is full of wonderful events themed around holiday weekends on Cat Cay. From yacht hops, house hops, gourmet dinner parties, wine tastings, family cookouts, to world class entertainment, the island offers a variety of good times!


One of the most anticipated events is the Junkanoo Parade. Junkanoo is reminiscent of New Orleans Mardi Gras or Rio de Janeiro's Carnival, but it is distinctly and uniquely Bahamian.

A combination of both culture and art the participants parade in the street showcasing brightly colored costumes and headdresses.

The rhythmic music and dancing is accompanied by cowbells, drums, and whistles. The main street of Cat Cay is a alive with a sea of revelers!


Celebrate on Cat Cay

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or just a family and friends gathering... Let us help you plan your next event - big or small, on Cat Cay all affairs are grand! 

Events are exclusively for Members and their invited guests.

For more information, please contact:

Joanna Santana