Tropic Ocean Airways has started to offer limited scheduled service flights from their private terminal lounge at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport on peak holidays and weekends. Guests may also book year-round private charter flights on a seaplane or wheeled aircraft, and for frequent travelers, Tropic Ocean is offering a charter loyalty program.


  • Complimentary valet service
  • Agents to handle all luggage
  • Avoid TSA lines
  • Convenient boarding
  • Executive-style seating
  • Low-elevation aerial views
  • Save hours in travel time

As safety is Tropic Ocean’s number one priority, their standard two-pilot policy, effective safety measures and precautions, and military run and operated culture, has awarded them the ARGUS Gold Rating for safety.

If you are interested in securing a flight with Tropic Ocean Airways or would like more information, please call 954.210.5569 or email

In addition, charter service is available from Tamiami Airport and Opa Locka Airport in Miami. You can contact Tropic Air Express at (786) 585-2398

Members and their guests with private aircraft are allowed to use our landing strip. The runway has been extended to approximately 1995 feet long and aircraft must be STOL type. A $50.00 landing fee is applicable.

Bahamas Customs and Immigration officers are on duty from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM seven days a week on the island. However, overtime charges may apply on Saturday, Sunday and Bahamian holidays and weekdays prior to and after normal hours of operation.

Effective January 2007, all U.S. and Canadian citizens arriving and departing by air are required to have a valid passport for entry into the Bahamas and the United States. Non-U.S. and non-Canadian citizens must have documents as required for international travel, i.e. valid passport with valid Visa, alien registration card. An import permit is required for all pets.