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Basking under a bright tropical sun on the western edge of the Great Bahama Bank lies a tiny t-shaped dot of gleaming sand and coral that brings to a glittering reality the dream of an island paradise. This land is Cat Cay and surpasses all others.

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Cat Cay features a brightly designed mural of yachts and outriggered cruisers, big game fishing, bone fishing, sailing, snorkeling, diving, kayaking and paddleboarding.

The marina at Cat Cay is one of the most protected and well-equipped in the Bahamas. Ringed on three sides by the main island to the west, the airstrip to the east and a sandy spit to the south connecting the two, the marina features a 108- slip capacity for yachts up to 160 feet. The durable pre-stressed concrete facility also has a fuel dock, and all the slips have nightlights, shorepower capacity and wireless internet access. The Bahamian government maintains a customs station on Cat Cay, making the island an ideal port of entry for yachtsmen who want to explore the Bahamas or fish in territorial waters. The marina also enables our Bahamas yacht club members who have a yacht, but not a home on the island, a place to relax whenever visiting.

The present-day era of sport fishing was introduced in these waters back in the 1930s. In the blue Gulf Stream water to the west are record marlin, sailfish, bluefin tuna, wahoo and swordfish. To the east is the Great Bahama Bank, only 10-15 feet deep and the home of many a lobster, grouper and yellowtail snapper. To the south, between Cat Cay and the uninhabited South Cat Cay are great bonefish flats where anglers can throw out lines on the beach to catch these elusive fighting fish.

Fine white-sand beaches line almost the entire western side of Cat Cay. The trade winds come most frequently from the southeast, so the beaches on the quiet lee side of the western shore are the best places for waterskiing, wave running, kayaking, sailing or simply mattress-floating off the beach.

Bahamian waters are among the clearest in the western hemisphere. Snorkeling and scuba diving remain some of the most popular activities. Snorkelers can cruise the grassy bottom to the west looking for conchs, pen shells and octopi... (the famous sunken ship “Sequoia” lies just offshore). A favorite destination is Honeymoon Harbor to feed the stingrays. Divers visit nearby wrecks and the deeper waters near the Gulf Stream to explore the reefs and find larger fish.

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Cat Cay is known as one of the most secure communities in the Bahamas. Our Cat Cay family of members, guests and visitors are assured of a seldom-equaled level of security and privacy within our tranquil island setting.

The Cat Cay security force provides round the clock island coverage 24/7. In addition, a member of the Royal Bahamas police force is stationed on the island at all times.

Our mission is to deliver top quality, free healthcare to the many
Bahamians that live on Cat Cay and to provide emergency support
for members and guests that are in need of medical
attention. The Medical Clinic is open for emergencies 24/7/365

A full time Bahamian Immigration and Customs office is located on Cat Cay. Clearing customs on Cat Cay is hassle free and provides our members, guests, and visitors an easy entry into the Bahamas.

Members form a close knit community that provides an extra added safety net, our Cat Cay family look out for each other. Children can roam freely anywhere on the island and the idea of locking your doors is a foreign notion. Our highly professional staff round a community focused on putting the safety and security of our members and guests first and foremost.

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Cat Cay is more than just a private Bahamas yacht club on a beautiful Bahamian island; it’s also a close-knit community of like-minded families from all over the United States and abroad. At peak times of the year the island buzzes with holiday events, lively parties, social gatherings and activities at private homes or yachts, or at the pool. At other times Cat Cay lapses into a blissful quiescence perfect for beachcombers or hammock-bound readers.

The heart of Cat Cay is the camaraderie shared amongst members and guests and the reconnection of families. Events and activities are planned with this in mind and many are annual traditions like the winter Olympics, Good Friday Fish Fry, July 4th Junkanoo, Easter Commodore House Hop, annual Yacht Hop, New Years Eve Gala with Fireworks….the good times keep rolling!

The most popular spots on Cat Cay combine food and beverage in a setting that is post card perfect. From the always buzzing marina side Bu’s Bar, to the signature bar in Nauticat, to the member only Cone Bar, or the popular Poolside Veranda Bar you will find a Cat Cay Special awaiting. Your culinary adventure offers both casual and gourmet dining options as well as alfresco seating around the magnificent marina.

The Cat Cay market is a must stop to provision your yacht or home with everything from the staples to gourmet products. Our own signature Boutique offers fabulous logo wear and gifts as well as Bahamian goods. Hit the 9 hole Windsor Downs for a round, roundup a late night tennis match, take a dip in our ocean side Olympic swimming pool, take a bike for a spin, grab a workout in the fitness room, end the day with a massage.. The island offers resort amenities in a private island experience!

Children roam freely on Cat Cay. Parents have the comfort of knowing that our highly professional staff puts safety first. Our close knit community looks out for each other as an extended family.

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The blue violet shadows of coral reefs, the rock outcroppings, the shifting sandbars of this tiny island hovering on the Grand Bahama Bank have not changed in hundreds of years. It is the enduring Caribbean romance of pirates attacking Spanish galleons en route to Cuba, the PT boats seeking shelter in WWII, a simple man who looked after a lighthouse, and, later a portly millionaire from New York who would proclaim this island a paradise and start the private enclave that is Cat Cay Today. Whatever the era, the singular beauty and the captivating magic that tropical islands evoke have always framed the story of Cat Cay.

Legend has it that the name “Cat Cay” came from pirates who thought the island was shaped like the cat line of a sailing vessel. It is shaped like a truncated “t” about two and a quarter miles across the top and half mile at its widest point.

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Cat Cay’s current incarnation as a member-owned club, independent of any single benefactor, is its most valuable asset. It is truly the members that sustain Cat Cay. Lou Wasey knew that when he personally chose the members. Al Rockwell knew that when he invited a select few to join him as limited partners in 1968. The club is one of the oldest yacht clubs in the Bahamas.

The private island experience is the exact opposite of a “see and be seen” port of call, and this is typified on Cat Cay. The feel of laidback luxury and the utmost privacy for members and guests is our mission. There is nothing showy or flashy here; Cat Cay has the sense of a luxurious place that has aged well, being enjoyed and cared for by many generations.

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